2023-08-22 – NFT contracts metadata and total metrics

We are excited to announce the latest enhancements in the availability of NFT contract metadata. This update introduces two new endpoints designed to provide in-depth insights into NFT contracts, along with a few deprecations of existing endpoints.

  • Foundational API: Introducing the new [Get NFT Contracts](/reference/foundationalservice_getnftcontracts) endpoint, designed to provide comprehensive details about NFT contracts. This includes information such as name, image, minting details, supported NFT types, related URLs, and more. This endpoint consolidates all the data previously accessible through the Foundational API: Get Contract Details and Collection Analytics API: Get Metadata endpoints.
  • Collection Analytics API: The new [Collection Totals](reference/collectionsservice_gettotals) endpoint offers aggregated metrics for NFT collections. These metrics encompass counts of NFTs, unique owners, and total sales volume.

As a result of these additions, the following endpoints are deprecated starting today and are planned to be removed on September 30th:

  • Foundational API: Get Contracts
  • Foundational API: Get Contract Details
  • Collection Analytics API: Get Metadata