2023-08-22 – NFT contracts metadata and total metrics

We are excited to announce the latest enhancements in the availability of NFT contract metadata. This update introduces two new endpoints designed to provide in-depth insights into NFT contracts, along with a few deprecations of existing endpoints.


[Audience Insights API] New Get Collection Spam Ratio endpoint has been released.


The NFTs Pricing Details endpoint has been enhanced to incorporate the NFTTransferBlockchainEvent structure, which offers details about the chain position for the latest sale event. In order to accomplish this, a new field called last_sale has been introduced, encompassing the blockchain_event and recipient_paid data to represent the chain position and pricing details respectively. Meanwhile, the last_sale_price field has been deprecated and is scheduled for removal on September 1st, 2023.


The [Cross-Chain API ] released. This new API allows you to retrieve data from all supported chains simultaneously, with maintaining a consistent ordering based on the specified parameter. This is not achievable by querying each chain individually.



  • [Wallet behavior categories] have been released within the [Audience Insights API] on Ethereum. Wallet behavior categories are based on activity of any given wallet. The new endpoints provide insight into this for any single wallet, or in aggregate for a cohort of wallets.


The [Uniform API] has been released! This new API is aimed to fully replace existing Ethereum and Polygon endpoints and bring them to a consistent structure. Within the Uniform API the blockchain is selected by just switching between different hostnames, while all API endpoint URLs stay the same regardless of which blockchain you are querying.



[Marketplaces API] has been released on both Ethereum and Polygon:





  • Information about ERC20 tokens used was added to the Get NFT Transfers endpoint for both Ethereum and Polygon.
  • NFTs by the Owner data lag was reduced to approximately one minute to provide more real-time data for both Ethereum and Polygon.


[Wallet Intelligence API] Has been released on Polygon along with spam detection capabilities: