API Changelog

The API changelog lists all changes to the Mnemonic API.


  • ENS Lookup:

    • The ENS Entity By Name and Entity By Address endpoints now return a new boolean field matchesReverseRecord which is set to true when the ENS Entity matches the reverse record set for an address.


  • [NEW] Token Traits release:

    • New GetTokenTraits endpoint that allows fetching the Traits defined in the tokens Metadata (released on both Ethereum and Polygon)
    • New Traits Summary endpoint that allows getting trait summaries on a collection level (released on both Ethereum and Polygon)
    • NFTs By Contract allows filtering by Traits (released on both Ethereum and Polygon)
  • [SPAM filtering] has been released on our NFTs by Owner endoint Ethereum.


  • New labels introduced on Transfer Insights endpoint Ethereum:
  • indicates the type of transaction: BUNDLE and SWAP;
  • indicates the specific marketplaces involved, starts with the prefix "MARKETPLACE".
  • New attributedBy field introduced to senderReceived and recipientPaid sections on Transfer Insights endpoint [Ethereum], explaining how the price was attributed.


  • [Image Caching] We now support caching. Our Ethereum endpoints that return NFT images return cached images in the URI field (when available) in addition to the original URI.


  • [NEW] Transfer Insights endpoints now allow filtering by transaction type label (mint, burn, sale, transfer). In addition, these endpoints now return a list of the transaction type labels associated with the transfer for both Ethereum and Polygon. With this update, we have soft-deprecated the transferType attribute on the Transfer Insights endpoints


  • [NEW] Owners count by contract endpoint has been released for Polygon


  • [NEW] Transfer Insights endpoints have been released for both Ethereum and Polygon. Check our migration guide with comparison of Transfer Insights to the old Transfers endpoints.
  • Along with this release, we have soft-deprecated old Transfer endpoints. We remain committed to our promise of backwards-compatibility and will continue supporting the deprecated endpoints until all clients fully migrated.



  • Top collections by X endpoints now return contract_name in addition to the address. Contract name (a.k.a collection name) is derived from the name() method of each contract on the blockchain.


  • [NEW] Polygon APIs are released.


  • Transfer responses now contain all fungible transfers from the same transaction, which enables a more accurate NFT price estimation.
  • eth_transfers is introduced in the GetTransfersBy* responses. Read more in the Advanced Transfers documentation.
  • nft_transfers_quantity field in the GetTransfersBy* responses is soft-deprecated in favor of a more detailed breakdown of all transfers within the same transaction. Read more in the Advanced Transfers documentation.


  • types field is added in the GetContractDetails response and request to enable filtering by multiple types to support polymorphic contracts.
  • type field in the GetContractDetails response is soft-deprecated in favor of polymorphic contracts implementing multiple types.


  • [NEW] Collection Analytics and Pricing APIs are released. Read more at https://www.mnemonichq.com/blog/mnemonic-ga-launch.
  • block_number field in the MintEvent of the GetTokensByContract and GetTokensByMinter endpoints is soft-deprecated in favor of tx_hash, log_index and block_timestamp.


  • Added new endpoint GetTokensByMinter. This endpoint simplifies the search for the creator of a specific collection.
  • Added block_timestamp_gt filter in the GetTokensByMinter, which allows filtering by minimal block timestamp, using "greater" comparison. This filter exludes rows matching given timestamp exactly.


  • [NEW] The initial release of the v1beta1 Ethereum API.
  • The API includes Transfers, Tokens, Contracts, Blockchain services.
  • New buf repo is available for protobuf/gRPC usage at https://buf.build/mnemonic/mnemonicapis.