First Steps

Integrating your product with Mnemonic is so easy, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.

Get an API key

Use Developer Portal page to Sign Up and create an API key.

Once signed up you will receive a welcome email which requires you to validate your email address and provide more information about your project/company. Once this step is completed, your API key will be accessible on the Developer Portal immediately. You can start using the key right away, no further validation is needed.

Make first request

The simplest way to start interacting with Mnemonic APIs is using REST protocol or even your favourite command-line.

Using REST

Here is an example you can run from your terminal to retrieve NFTs owned by the specified wallet address:

$ curl -i -X GET   ''   -H 'X-API-Key: <API KEY>'

Using gRPC

The easiest way to test gRPC/Protobuf APIs is to use grpcurl command. We also highly recommend exploring Buf for tools and tips on how to work with Protobufs and gRPC.

Mnemonic's Protobuf spec is hosted on Buf, you will need to install buf tool or download Protobufs directly from our repository.

Nest steps

There's a lot you can build with Mnemonic API as well: you can obtain fresh pricing information about any collection, surface mooning collections by looking at Top Collections, find out who the Current Owners, and much more!

Make sure to check out Quickstart Tutorials page to jump in and start building.