Financial Profiles

This guide will walk you through the fundamentals of an NFT Wallet Financial Profile APIs, showcasing its powerful capabilities to analyze wallet behavior, and financial preferences. By integrating this data along with wallet behaviors into your platform or a wallet, you'll be able to offer personalized solutions, streamline decision-making processes, and enhance user experiences like never before.

Financial profiles can be obtained at an individual wallet level or at a collection level for all collection owners.

Profiles by wallets

To obtain data on a wallet level simply provide a wallet(s) address or ENS name(s). You can provide up to 500 addresses at a time in a single API call.

curl -i -X POST \ \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H 'X-API-Key: <YOUR API KEY>' \
  -d '{
    "walletAddresses": [

The first wallet in the response has ownership of 28 different collections and a total of 38 NFTs, out of which 31 are ERC721 tokens and 6 are ERC1155 tokens.

The wallet has owned 50 NFTs over time, with the first one being received on May 24, 2021, and the most recent one on March 7, 2023.

The wallet's NFT purchases span from May 24, 2021, to March 7, 2023, with an average holding span of 51 days and a maximum holding span of 312 days.

The longest-held NFT in the wallet has been held since May 24, 2021.

In total, the wallet has made 34 NFT purchases with a cumulative volume of 10.6723 ETH and an average purchase price of 0.3139 ETH. The highest purchase price for an NFT in this wallet is 4.44 ETH. The wallet has made 10 NFT sales with a total sales volume of 6.19 ETH, resulting in a net profit of 1.18 ETH.

    "profiles": [
            "walletAddress": "0x3eb4b12127edc81a4d2fd49658db07005bcad065",
            "collectionsOwnedCount": "28",
            "nftsOwnedCount": "38",
            "nftsOwnedCountErc721": "31",
            "nftsOwnedCountErc1155": "6",
            "nftsOwnedCountEver": "50",
            "nftsOwnedQuantity": "38",
            "nftsRecvFirstTs": "2021-05-24T20:43:02Z",
            "nftsRecvLastTs": "2023-03-07T02:54:35Z",
            "nftsPurchasedFirstTs": "2021-05-24T20:43:02Z",
            "nftsPurchasedLastTs": "2023-03-07T02:54:35Z",
            "nftsFifoHoldingSpanAvg": "51",
            "nftsFifoHoldingSpanMax": "312",
            "nftsLongestHoldingSince": "2021-05-24T20:43:02Z",
            "nftsPurchasesCount": "34",
            "nftsPurchasesVolume": "10.672318062333386895",
            "nftsPurchasesAvgPrice": "0.31387693703629790642205072702461060656",
            "nftsPurchasesMaxPrice": "4.44",
            "nftsSalesCount": "10",
            "nftsSalesVolume": "6.19",
            "nftsTotalNetProfit": "1.18"
            "walletAddress": "0xd93b12ec4a24e8d3433539307218d751f5650907",
            "collectionsOwnedCount": "29",
            "nftsOwnedCount": "133",
            "nftsOwnedCountErc721": "131",
            "nftsOwnedCountErc1155": "2",
            "nftsOwnedCountEver": "201",
            "nftsOwnedQuantity": "139",
            "nftsRecvFirstTs": "2021-09-15T19:50:37Z",
            "nftsRecvLastTs": "2022-12-15T21:17:11Z",
            "nftsPurchasedFirstTs": "2021-09-15T19:50:37Z",
            "nftsPurchasedLastTs": "2022-05-01T03:34:15Z",
            "nftsFifoHoldingSpanAvg": "153",
            "nftsFifoHoldingSpanMax": "347",
            "nftsLongestHoldingSince": "2021-09-16T05:04:19Z",
            "nftsPurchasesCount": "140",
            "nftsPurchasesVolume": "25.512080682128891348",
            "nftsPurchasesAvgPrice": "0.17839854860826839797742893484963228841",
            "nftsPurchasesMaxPrice": "2.08687076611971639",
            "nftsSalesCount": "3",
            "nftsSalesVolume": "2.0929383049545804220155",
            "nftsTotalNetProfit": "-17.2888983771743109259845"

Profiles of collection owners

To obtain financial profiles of the owners of a particular collection, simply provide a collection address. Keep paginating through results by using the offset and limit parameters in the request.

Below are the profiles of the owners of the Mutant Ape Yacht Club collection (limited to 3 in the example).

curl -i -X GET \
  '' \
  -H 'X-API-Key: <YOUR API KEY>'

The response structure is very similar to the above, and represents a list of wallets.

    "profiles": [
            "walletAddress": "0x80de2f874067b092bcb914144efbe1b54a731f4d",
            "collectionsOwnedCount": "30",
            "nftsOwnedCount": "376",
            "nftsOwnedCountErc721": "321",
            "nftsOwnedCountErc1155": "54",
            "nftsOwnedCountEver": "402",
            "nftsOwnedQuantity": "429",
            "nftsRecvFirstTs": "2021-10-01T23:42:49Z",
            "nftsRecvLastTs": "2023-01-20T05:19:59Z",
            "nftsPurchasedFirstTs": "2021-11-09T18:47:18Z",
            "nftsPurchasedLastTs": "2023-01-01T01:51:11Z",
            "nftsFifoHoldingSpanAvg": "118",
            "nftsFifoHoldingSpanMax": "383",
            "nftsLongestHoldingSince": "2021-10-01T23:42:49Z",
            "nftsPurchasesCount": "251",
            "nftsPurchasesVolume": "100060.1060824050747164774000000000000000001",
            "nftsPurchasesAvgPrice": "339.16943940294945823612893034966684756136",
            "nftsPurchasesMaxPrice": "2492.5743459874501241883",
            "nftsSalesCount": "26",
            "nftsSalesVolume": "475.58172921503208803333333333333333333333",
            "nftsTotalNetProfit": "174.98487775388771044052"
            "walletAddress": "0x26fcbd3afebbe28d0a8684f790c48368d21665b5",
            "collectionsOwnedCount": "41",
            "nftsOwnedCount": "1062",
            "nftsOwnedCountErc721": "1049",
            "nftsOwnedCountErc1155": "12",
            "nftsOwnedCountEver": "1212",
            "nftsOwnedQuantity": "1062",
            "nftsRecvFirstTs": "2020-10-22T04:57:14Z",
            "nftsRecvLastTs": "2023-04-08T16:07:59Z",
            "nftsPurchasedFirstTs": "2020-10-22T04:57:14Z",
            "nftsPurchasedLastTs": "2023-04-08T16:07:59Z",
            "nftsFifoHoldingSpanAvg": "32",
            "nftsFifoHoldingSpanMax": "239",
            "nftsLongestHoldingSince": "2020-10-22T06:48:23Z",
            "nftsPurchasesCount": "867",
            "nftsPurchasesVolume": "84402.1087288492873785704",
            "nftsPurchasesAvgPrice": "97.34573275786521456593757226500214235996",
            "nftsPurchasesMaxPrice": "2745.26126662512688",
            "nftsSalesCount": "32",
            "nftsSalesVolume": "1088.04319852662418236563571428571428571428",
            "nftsTotalNetProfit": "788.42404708568108488735"
            "walletAddress": "0x020ca66c30bec2c4fe3861a94e4db4a498a35872",
            "collectionsOwnedCount": "314",
            "nftsOwnedCount": "5411",
            "nftsOwnedCountErc721": "5187",
            "nftsOwnedCountErc1155": "221",
            "nftsOwnedCountEver": "21332",
            "nftsOwnedQuantity": "18638",
            "nftsRecvFirstTs": "2020-12-24T21:20:00Z",
            "nftsRecvLastTs": "2023-04-08T07:41:35Z",
            "nftsPurchasedFirstTs": "2021-04-30T00:31:28Z",
            "nftsPurchasedLastTs": "2023-04-08T07:41:35Z",
            "nftsFifoHoldingSpanAvg": "46",
            "nftsFifoHoldingSpanMax": "673",
            "nftsLongestHoldingSince": "2020-12-24T21:20:00Z",
            "nftsPurchasesCount": "11783",
            "nftsPurchasesVolume": "53917.10757116372175119082000000000000000044",
            "nftsPurchasesAvgPrice": "3.13800770967930894844387179198250843992",
            "nftsPurchasesMaxPrice": "430",
            "nftsSalesCount": "9379",
            "nftsSalesVolume": "55257.63078451554196077874503232869667299552",
            "nftsTotalNetProfit": "6233.65174310790792538162759010934150695681"


In summary, wallet profiles, such as the ones provided, offer valuable insights into a user's transaction history, NFT ownership, and preferences, enabling businesses and platforms to create tailored experiences and targeted marketing strategies. By analyzing the wallet's interactions with different collections, purchase patterns, holding durations, and overall financial activity, businesses can better understand their audience, identify potential collaborations, and enhance user engagement. Leveraging these wallet profiles ultimately helps drive growth and foster a stronger connection with the community in the decentralized finance ecosystem. Try it now!

Happy building!